COVID-19 – The New Normal

After almost three months of constant updates about the COVID-19 virus, I feel like there is no way I am going back to the way things were. Pretty much, it is impossible to continue doing what I used to because I am still trying the best to avoid the frustration from the unfortunate situation. But looking at all the things that had happened, here are some of the few that I believe would become what they call the “new normal.”

Leaving The House Without A Face Mask

Indeed, one of the most common things that I see people will continue doing for the next few more months is keeping their surgical masks on. Since there is no cure or vaccine for the virus yet, this is the best way to prevent it. However, people should consider wearing the right mask since not all are designed for virus protection.


Buying Necessities In Bulk

Now, try to imagine one person that will go to the grocery store only to buy a piece of product. Perhaps before, it is okay because that’s how people benefit from buying only a thing they need. But now, exposure to public places such as the grocery store can be worrisome. Thus, I can expect that people won’t spend an hour falling in line at the door only to buy a single item.

Selling Things And Negotiating Online

Unfortunately, a lot of establishments are now deciding to close their stores, especially small businesses. That’s because people tend to become more practical. At this time of the pandemic, people are choosing practicality over convenience. So with that kind of change in the business industry, I know I will see a lot of ads on social media platforms. Businesses will more likely continue their promotion and negotiation through online advertisements.


Avoiding Dine-Ins And Choosing Takeouts

One way the virus spreads is when you surround yourself with too many people you do not know. For restaurants, that is a normal thing to happen. But since it is essential to follow social distancing, I won’t be expecting people to eat at restaurants even if the store decides to open. If ever people crave for something at the store, they will probably consider a takeout.

Going Outside The House Unscheduled

For the next couple of months, I believe the majority of people will forget about staycations and traveling. Well, some might go outside their house unscheduled. But that’s not because they want to travel and go to different uncertain places, but because they need to do an important thing outside the house. Thus I can conclude that people will still continue to home quarantine themselves until the development of a vaccine.


Home-School And Online Classes

Despite every countries approach to strict safety measures to push through with traditional schools, most parents will not risk their kids’ life, exposing them to the crowd. Therefore, I can expect children to be home-schooled or skipped a year of class. But for innovative reasons, there will surely be an online class ready for the kids. Unfortunately, only the can-afford ones can use that learning-teaching strategy.


Prioritizing Sanitation

Last but not least is the possibility of prioritizing sanitation. With the deadly virus outside of every family’s home, no one would dare not to clean and disinfect their house. For the next couple of months, I will be expecting people to always wash their hands and care for their hygiene more, which is absolutely okay. I can see how people value their health over anything in this world right now. So prioritizing sanitation is helpful in ways.