Self Help Tips While You’re Grieving


Dealing with a loved one’s death is a brutal process that we all must face at one point or another. But while the grieving process is different for everyone and we are all allowed to feel what we feel, it is still also important to remember that it’s essential for us to figure out which coping mechanisms can help us and which ones cannot. The mourning stage can bring a lot of pain, and it’s easy for us to get lost in all of it and commit things that can do more harm than good. Some advice can be found at Yes, you have a lot of people around that can help you. But as long as you are not willing to help yourself, then you wouldn’t be able to move on entirely.

On that note, what we have here is a list of self-help tips that you can follow while you’re grieving. Keep in mind that there’s no ‘right’ way to grieve, these are just suggestions that can hopefully make the process easier for you.


 Write Out Your Emotions And Thoughts On A Piece Of Paper


One of the most efficient ways of coping with a tragic event is to have an outlet.  You need to find a release, something that can make you feel better,and writing is a great example out of that. Believe it or not, letting out your thoughts and emotions onto a sheet of paper will help in minimizing the heaviness you feel. You can write poems, stories, rants, or anything that can honor the memories of your departed loved one. It will help you more than you think it could.


Don’t Set A Deadline For Your Feelings

Putting a timetable or a deadline for your feelings is something that you should never do. You must let time do its thing. It will not heal all wounds, but it will weaken those intense feelings until they no longer hurt that much anymore. Don’t force yourself to recover as you might only make it worse. It’s okay to set your own pace and also to take your time.


Find A Healthy Distraction


Another way you can help yourself while grieving is to do things that can keep you healthy.  Since there’s a link between a person’s physical activities and mental health, it is recommended to invest time in working out. You can go out for a jog, run, or even hit the gym.  But if you’re not in the mood for that, then start a healthy diet. The grieving process is brutal and exhausting. Don’t make things worse for you by letting your body fail.

These are just three of the many self-help tips you can do while grieving. It is okay to mourn the death of your loved one, it is okay to get hurt and feel sad, but what’s not okay is to neglect yourself from realizing that it is all part of your existence. Self-care is important. And at times like this, having the ability to look after yourself will surely help you make it through.