The Two Types Of People In This Pandemic Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic is not something I see every day. Honestly, the whole experience is scary. Anxiety and confusion fill me every time I think about the future. No, it is not that I am not looking forward to the end of this. It is just that I have these momentary feelings that I am incapable of handling. You might think that I possess too much negativity, but that is because the emotional and psychological pain continues to grow as the situation becomes uncontrollable. In times like this, I now recognize the failure of humanity.


Survival Of The Elites

The pandemic made me realize that only those who sit in the upper levels are the ones who can protect themselves far more than the ones at the bottom. The pandemic shows that status matters in our society. Well, honestly, there is nothing new to this. Even if I go back in the decades of history, it will still prove to me that the elites hold the most momentous chances of survival. That is because they never adequately care, and they never will. Others can argue with me on this one. But my argument stays as is.


Well, some may show compassion at some point. But it will not be enough to consider sacrificing a significant amount of effort for the needy. Of course, there are those people who try and help others. But I am not buying it. The majority of those who support the needy seek attention. They show everyone they are capable of helping but still consider a limited scope. These individuals pretend to care, but only for validation. When I think about it, this pandemic becomes a way of saying that majority of people are selfish and inconsiderate.


A Free-Ticket To Survival

But of course, I am not taking all the points from the people of the upper class. Individuals at the bottom of society are also selfish and naïve. The majority of them have this mentality that they should be the ones receiving a priority due to their status. Most of them use their situation to get whatever they want. Well, if you ask me, I don’t consider that and never will I support that idea. Though I must admit, not all individuals in the bottom of the society see things the way others do. However, a lot of them are using this pandemic situation to raise their complaints about not getting or having anything.

To be honest, why would anyone provide for them? Why would other people become responsible for their unfortunate situation? Isn’t life all about choices and decisions? So why would someone become liable for the needs of others if they, themselves, did nothing to change it? Thinking about this makes me sick. The majority of people at the bottom are illogical thinkers. That instead of doing something to make their lives easier, they blame those people who work hard and managed to get their lives better.



Honestly, there are those people who do not think of taking advantage of others. These individuals work with the passion of helping one another regardless of their statuses and capabilities. There are also the ones who never complain and focus only on utilizing what is in front of them. But due to the situation, it somehow makes them re-think everything they do. Sadly, the more the situation becomes worse, the more they realize that it is all about survival. That no matter how good or bad the deeds are, the assurance of living is the top priority. But for me, it is always like that. Regardless if there is a non-existing pandemic, people are selfish by nature.