Understanding Grief Through The 2014 Los Angeles Grief Management Seminar

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We all have and will experience grief once or more in our lifetime, and it is essential that we truly understand the process so that we don’t remain drowned in sorrow and confusion. Grief is one of the darkest emotions there is, and the support of the family and friends are critical in overcoming it. The 2014 Los Angeles Grief Management Seminar reiterates the importance of understanding the process of grieving.


Understanding Grief:


When there is birth, death is inevitable, and so is grief. We have to understand that it is a process, just like everything is. When you count one to ten, you have to mention the number that comes after until you reach ten. It is the same with grieving. There are certain stages that you need to go through before you can move on. The seven stages of grief are namely:


  1. Shock And Denial
  2. Pain And Guilt
  3. Anger And Bargaining
  4. Depression, Reflection, And Loneliness
  5. Upward Turn
  6. Reconstruction
  7. Acceptance And Hope


These are the seven stages that we need to go through to move on from the death of a loved one healthily, and it is crucial that we understand it is normal. It is essential that we have to acknowledge the emotion because it is a part of grieving. We grieve because we love, and although it may be hard, we have to see it as a beautiful thing because one way or another, sooner or later, we all lose someone we love.


Source: pixabay.com


The 2014 Los Angeles Grief Management Seminar discusses the importance of understanding grief. Some people get lost in the process that they commit suicide or stop moving forward. If people would understand grief as a part of life, as a normal process or emotion like happiness, anger, or sadness, they can save time from wandering around and directly move on and live their lives.