Why Do Women Cheat?

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Going to the 2017 Divorce Conference is the highlight of that year in my mind. I remember going there with my girlfriends. Some of us were already married; others had steady boyfriends.

We went to this event with the assumption that the speakers could not say anything that would surprise us. We knew the divorce rates at the time; we were aware of the devastating aftermath of ending a marriage. So, you could imagine how our jaws dropped when one of them stated in the beginning, “A lot of wives cheat on their husbands.”

Forgive me and my friends for being naïve, but it was not typical in the small neighborhood that we lived in. We heard of some men committing infidelity, yes, but never the women. This news opened our eyes to the fact that if husbands could do it, so could the wives.

Why, though? Why do women cheat and jeopardize their marriage?

They Feel Bored

The first reason why women commit infidelity is boredom. Their married life is going well; the kids are healthy, and the husband does not cheat. However, the wife wants to experience the thrill of sneaking out to meet her lover and then going back home as if nothing happened.

Source: rawpixel.com

They Are Taking Revenge

Some women decide to have an extra-marital affair after finding out that their husband has cheated on them. It is their way of inflicting pain on their other half, giving them a taste of their own medicine. 

They Want To Feel Wanted

Neglected wives tend to cheat when the husbands hardly have time to shower them with love and affection. You can expect this behavior from emotionally abused women. They cannot end the marriage, but they look for adoration from another man.


Well, no matter how justified a woman feels for committing infidelity, the reality is that it is a mortal sin. Can’t you forgive your cheating husband? File for a divorce. Do you feel abandoned? File for a divorce. After that, you can date whoever you want. There’s no need to cheat if you wish to be happy.