Want To Recover From Grief? Then Start It From Within You 

In the inconsistencies of life, one thing is for sure – death. At some point, we will experience losing someone who shares an impact on our existence, most likely, a loved one or a spouse perhaps. The process of grieving will require a manageable behavior because if we don’t go through it the healthy way, it will cause a long-term adverse effect on our overall wellbeing and in the different relationships that we make along the way.  

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Relationship 101: Coping Up With Grief In A More Efficient Way 

There is no right or wrong way of dealing with the loss of someone you love. The process of handling grief is different from every single person who has a painful experience. In fact, the process is not about coping with the loss but instead accepting the change that comes along with it.  It requires a lot of time due to the high amount of emotional involvement that needs attention. 

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I Ended My Relationship, And Now I Can’t Have It Back 

Having a relationship can be tough, and there’s always a time that you’ll have thoughts of quitting and ending it. You get tired and frustrated at the same time. In most cases, it feels like it’s wearing you down up to the point that you think you can no longer recover. You’ll eventually make life decisions that you know you can never change. 

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Overcoming Grief: Counseling Saved Me

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It was complete mixed emotions after I figured out that my father died two days before my graduation. I developed a strong feeling of sadness that eventually turned into anger. I lost a stable relationship with my friends and family because I shut down communication for about two months. I was in deep pain, and the more I tried pretending that I was okay, the more it hurts.

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Lessons You’ll Never Know Until You Lose A Loved One

Losing someone you care about will hit so hard that it might even take you a long time to accept. There will be sudden emotions and thoughts that are difficult to control. There will also be regrets and an influx of memories about the person you lost. Then you ask yourself questions you never did before, and all of these will be in your mind for a considerable amount of time. The grief can be mentally damaging, and it will eventually ruin your life if you can’t find ways to deal with it. You have to learn things that can help you accept and understand the process of grief in a more precise way.

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