How To Cope With The Death Of A Beloved Pet

For many of us (especially pet-owners) losing a valued animal companion can be every bit of devastating. Dealing with your beloved pet’s death can be tricky too because you might tell yourself that it’s not even a person. Therefore, there’s no need to grieve and cry. However, there’s also the possibility that you will hate yourself for being too insensitive and throwing away the special bond you had with your animal friend. The pain of losing a pet partnered with your confused thoughts and emotions can make the grieving process really hard. But believe it or not, there’s a way on how you will be able to get through it.




“Experiencing a significant loss such as losing a loved one, a pet, a relationship, or a job can bring on feelings of grief that can be extremely overwhelming. Typical feelings associated with grief include sadness, anger, guilt, numbness, and confusion.”  Tali Yuz Berliner, Psy.D. said. The following are some noteworthy suggestions on how you can cope with the death of your beloved pet. The progress may vary according to the attachment that people have for the member of their family.

Take Your Time

One of the primary rules of grieving is to set your own pace. Forcing yourself to get over something that you emotionally and mentally can’t handle might only result in more problems. Know that it’s okay to take things slowly. Allow time to do its work and eventually, you will be fine. Just to make it clear, time will not heal all wounds, but it will weaken them enough that they won’t hurt much anymore. Remember this – you’ll get over it when you’re ready.

Don’t Blame Yourself

“Sometimes people seem to deny, to be in a daze, but these are all coping mechanisms.”  Curt Drennen, PsyD, RN said. Guilt is one of the biggest things that can prevent a person from moving on. Whatever happened to your pet, know that you didn’t like it and it is not your fault. If you have to tell yourself every day that you’re not responsible for the death of your pet, then please do it, blaming yourself will only stop you from moving forward and it will also magnify the pain you’re feeling.




Spend Time With Your Family And Friends

Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC says “Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.” The period of grieving can trigger other negative emotions such as loneliness. Prevent yourself from falling into a deeper hole of sadness by spending time with your family and friends.  Allow their company to fill you up and make you happy. It is okay to lean on them for support and let them help you get through this.

Hold A Funeral/Memorial For Your Pet

Is this silly? No, it is not. Just like people, the memories of our beloved pets should also come to a celebration.  We should remember them for how wonderful and loving they are, and holding a memorial is an excellent way to do that. Gather your loved ones and give your animal companion the kind of send-off it deserves. Show your love for your pet even if it is for the very last time.

The process of grieving is always challenging, and there’s no perfect way to get through it. What we shared here are just some suggestions on how you can cope with the death of an animal companion. We understand that it won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible to get over it.